It’s All About Impact.

Volunteering with Entrepreneur Empowered unlocks a world of opportunities for you and the entrepreneurs that you work with. By contributing your time and expertise to our entrepreneurial community, you are not only “giving back”, but also directly supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs in your community.

Whether it’s pro-bono legal and accounting assistance, or 1:1 marketing or financial strategic planning, or maybe sharing your knowledge through a blog post, the time you spend volunteering is an investment in our entrepreneurs, and in your community.

Partnering with EEO provides the opportunity to leave a deeper footprint in the community and directly transform lives. By investing a small portion of your time to help an entrepreneur with the tools and resources they cannot afford, your return will be tenfold in the amount of goodwill and gratification you will receive.

The volunteering experience will be enjoyable, stimulating and fun for you, and transformational and life-changing for the entrepreneur you help. Your volunteer work will have a direct and immediate impact in the entrepreneur’s business, in the short and long-run. 

– Christian Nunuz

Founder, Tektonla

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