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We Educate Businesses & Individuals With Legal Knowledge.

Welcome To Entrepreneur Empowered Organization.

We Are A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization That Helps Small Business Owners, Emerging Entrepreneurs & Nonprofit Organizations Get The Legal Education & Training They Need To Make Confident Decisions.

Led By Business & Nonprofit Attorney, Sid Peddinti, Entrepreneur Empowered Organization is a community of business owners and social entrepreneurs who are on a mission to educate people, solve real problems, change lives, and grow their organizations in the right direction. 

We created several legal education courses and programs for individuals and business owners, like you, so you have the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to make smarter legal decisions in your business and your life.

Legal Disclaimer:

We Are NOT A Law Firm & Do NOT Provide Legal Advice. Our Goal Is To Help You Gain Access To The Right Sources Of Legal Information & Connect You With Local Experts That Might Be Able To Help You.

There Is No Attorney-Client Relationship Formed By Connecting With Us.

Legal Resources For Businesses

One of our goals in creating this nonprofit organization was to help business owners understand how different business laws impacted their business, whether they knew about it or not.

Here are some areas we can help you understand: 

  • Whether to register as an LLC, incorporation or sole proprietor
  • How to structure your internal agreements and contracts
  • How to ensure you have the right terms and conditions
  • How to ensure you are using the right contracts
  • Intellectual property – what is it & how do you create it
  • Employment law topics that can help you stay compliant
  • Contracts – internal contracts and external contracts

Our mission is to help small business owners, who are the backbone of our economy, with these different areas, so they are equipped with the resources and tools to ensure they are able to build long-lasting businesses and avoid surprises.

Book a FREE consultation with our team to see if we can point you to the legal resources that can help you protect your business from all sides.

Legal Resources For Individuals

We understand that virtually every aspect of our lives is governed by some law – whether it is about protecting assets, reducing debt loads, a real estate transaction or renting your property. 

Our goal is to help you get the resources relating to: 

  • Bankruptcy law and debt reduction
  • Estate law topics – wills & trusts
  • Personal injury topics
  • Employment law rules and rights
  • Contracts with contractors or third parties
  • Real estate laws and contracts
  • Family law topics

Our goal is to ensure you are able to access the right legal resources, at the right time, and connect with the right professionals in your community who can help you solve your legal questions.

Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY session with our nonprofit organization so we can assess your inquiry and point you to the right legal resources and educational tools. 

Our nonprofit’s focus is on your organization.

Our Mission Is To Help You Gain Access To The Right Legal Resources & Tools That Can Help You Make Educated Decisions.

Our Nonprofit Organization Works With…

New entrepreneurs, experienced business owners, innovators, creators, artists, musicians, professionals, specialists, subject-matter experts, coaches, consultants & problem-solvers.

Why We Created This Nonprofit Organization…

After working with thousands of business owners, our Board Members realized that most business owners and nonprofits organization do not have access to the right resources, tools, and strategic experts who can help them accelerate forward. 

Coming from a Bankruptcy & Restructuring background, our board members have seen good businesses going bankrupt because they did not have the right help, at the right time – that’s what our nonprofit intends to solve. 

We help small businesses and nonprofits in our community “connect the dots”. We are your “resource” center for all things related to your small business or nonprofit organization.

In other words, we find the right strategies, tools, and programs that can help small business owners and nonprofit board members solve their most difficult business challenges with more confidence.

This unique blend of business, legal, marketing, operations, and financial expertise is typically not available to for-profit business and even nonprofit ventures.

That’s the reason we created Entrepreneur Empowered Organization, a nonprofit that can directly support small businesses & nonprofits.

We Empower Entrepreneurs – New Entrepreneurs, Experienced Entreprenuers, Social Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Minority Entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs, Veteran Entrepreneurs & Even Part-Time Entrepreneurs. 

We Are Hiring! View Current Opportunities

We are all in this together. We started this nonprofit organization with the goal of creating new jobs and empowering entrepreneurs and business owners.

We are looking for socially driven entrepreneurs, who’d like to work with us and enable us to help other businesses and nonprofit organizations thrive.