Learn About IP Law.

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Intellectual Property In A Nutshell…

Learn What IP Is, How To Protect It, And How To Monetize It.


Trademarks are a type of intellectual property that protect your brand’s marks, names, logos, and other identifiers.


Copyrights are intellectual property rights that cover the manner in which you express your original ideas.


Patents are intellectual property rights that protect unique and novel inventions, discoveries or even trade designs.

The Importance Of Intellectual Property

Brand Protection

Protect your name, logo, products, services and everything else contained in your business.

Value Retention

Protect the value of your business and avoid dilution from all sides – internally and externally. 


IP Laws allow you to enforce your rights against multiple parties, from multiple sides of the table.

You Have IP Rights Now

Identify It

From your business name, URL, website content, products and services – it’s all your Intellectual Property.

Protect It

To register and validate your IP places you in a very competitive position in your marketplace.

Monetize It

You can monetize your IP in extremely diverse ways – sell it, license it, get royalties or block competitors.

Protect What’s Yours…

We are here to help you identify, protect and enforce your Intellectual Property rights with confidence. We have watched thousands of people lose their original work because they did not understand the value of protecting it. A small mistake can have large financial consequences, especially in business.

At every stage of the game, there are people who are looking to steal what you have created or discovered – so take the time to understand what you have and how to protect it from all sides.

Take a second to speak to one of our nonprofit’s volunteer attorneys who can help you understand how you protect your IP and point you to the resources that can empower you to do just that.