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We Help Entrepreneurs Turn Knowledge Into Courses & Programs, Get Funded With Grants, And Help Them Educate & Empower More People.

We Believe That Doing Good & Doing Business Go Hand-in-Hand.

Hi, I'm Sid Peddinti - Welcome to Entrepreneur Empowered Organization.

I started this 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization after working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners as a Bankruptcy Specialist & Business Lawyer over the past 13 years - in Canada, and in the United States.

Needless to say, I've seen my fair share of bankruptcies, and have an in-depth understanding of how businesses get there.

A few years ago, I decided that it was time to shift gears and help business owners and entrepreneurs build stable, recession-proof businesses by educating them and empowering them with the right resources ahead of time - so they can avoid the silly mistakes that could make or break their companies.

All of this brings me to Entrepreneur Empowered Organization. 

At Entrepreneur Empowered Organization - we help individuals in any industry get funded with (free) grants AND help them share their knowledge and expertise to help more people.


1. We help you register a corporation that's driven by educational, charitable or philanthropic initiatives, so you can blend revenue + impact.

2. Then we help you create courses, programs, products, memberships, masterminds, t-shirt or merchandise that you can sell to generate leads and sales through the corporation's website.

3. Next, we focus on getting approved as a "educational and philanthropic" nonprofit corporation and get funded with free grants from organizations like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Walmart, Amazon and/or 100s of other corporations that support educational, charitable, and philanthropic corporations. 

4. Then, we help you use the grants (on average $100,000 a year) to advertise your venture and get new sales, signup, and even donations for your cause.

5. Finally, we'll help you develop a resource center that empowers people with more resources, links, and even access to businesses that can help them further.

You use the educational side to generate revenue & the philanthropic side to give back and change lives.

I invite you to book a free strategy session to chat about your needs and to see if our unique Entrepreneurial Program can help you accelerate forward! 

To Your Success,

Sid Peddinti, Esq.

Program Director @ Entrepreneur Empowered Organization

We're Here To Help You Monetize Your Knowledge & Help More People With Free Grants.

We Created This Educational Organization And Offer Courses, Programs & Strategic Mentorship To Help Entrepreneurs Build, Launch, Fund & Manage Funded Organizations ("We Practice What We Preach"). 

Featured Entrepreneurs Who've Used These Strategies To Build & Launch Funded Educational & Philanthropic Organizations...

Peter From Real Estate 123

Peter used this approach to create educational courses and programs that help people become Licensed Realtors.

Peter receives $10,000/m to promote their Real Estate Education Center.
Kim From Indigenous World

Kim used this approach to create programs and blogs that promote and preserve Indigenous Art and Culture.

Kim receives $10,000 a month in advertising grants to promote her mission & generate sales.
Monica From Project Eve

Monica and her partners used this approach to create and launch an online Women's Tech Education Center.

They are in the final stages of applying for a grant to help them promote their courses.
Paul From Tech37

Paul used this approach to create technology courses and programs that helps small businesses and nonprofit organization.

Paul's organization receives $120,000 a year to advertise their courses, programs & apps.
Jamie From SFC William Rommel

Jamie had an idea to help Vets by educating and empowering them with practical job and business skills and training.

We helped Jamie launch her Education Center and get it funded with $10,000 a month in grants to further her mission.
Sam From Lawyer Empowered

Sam wanted to transform his knowledge about marketing and technology in courses that can help other attorneys.

Sam is in the final stages of applying for a $120,000 a year grant to educate more lawyers.
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