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Thanks To Donors And Supporters Like You, We Have Been Able To Educate And Empower Over 3 Million People With Business & Legal Strategies.

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After working with thousands of individuals and business owners who ended up in our Bankruptcy Offices over the years, we realized that there was a lack of education and a lack of resources that empowered people to make calculated, strategic and educated business or personal decisions. 

This led to many smart people losing business and/or personal assets because of poor planning, a lack of strategic planning or simply not taking action at the right time. That’s the reason they ended up in our offices.

We started this non-profit to change that. Our mission is to make business and legal education more accessible to you, so you can educate and empower yourself to make the right strategic moves with confidence.

That’s how we are able to give back and make a difference.  


We use your donations to create educational material, offer scholarships, cover expenses for workshops, run different business and legal hotlines, and also towards the Entrepreneur Empowerment Fund™. The Entrepreneur Fund was created to help emerging entrepreneurs get a kick-start and to encourage women and minorities to start successful businesses. 

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