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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps small business owners increase awareness and gain more access to capital in order to grow their businesses.

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Led By Business & Nonprofit Attorney, Sid Peddinti, Entrepreneur Empowered Organization is a community of business owners and social entrepreneurs who are on a mission to educate people, solve problems, change lives, and grow their organizations in the right direction.

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Looking To Start A New Business?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created with the mission of fostering entrepreneurship, boosting employment rates, empowering women entrepreneurs, and creating socially responsible businesses.

Our nonprofit’s strategic board can help you:

  • Start a consulting firm 
  • Start a technology firm
  • Start a marketing agency
  • Start a professional firm – law, real estate, etc.
  • Secure funding from the right sources
  • Help you go from idea to launch quickly
  • Help you create courses, programs or products or services

Our mission is to educate and empower smart, experienced, impact-driven entrepreneurs reach their true potential. Connect with us to start your dream venture with all the components and tools in place.

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Looking To Expand Your Business?

Our diverse and experienced strategic board consists of entrepreneurs who have over 150 years of combined business experience. We understand the real problems faced by small businesses, like yours, and understand how to solve them.

We can help your business:

  • Rewire and streamline your operations
  • Help you align your business vision and social mission
  • Help you boost awareness through digital marketing
  • Help you learn and understand Facebook & Google Ads
  • Enable you to increase your productivity & profit margins
  • Enable you to incorporate a nonprofit arm to your business
  • Incorporate strategies to increase revenue & cash-flow 

Our mission is to help your small business thrive. We do this by understanding what you need, and then “connecting the dots” to help you find the right resources, tools, technologies, and funding options. 

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Our nonprofit’s GOAL IS TO EMPOWER YOU.

We Want To Help You Increase Revenue, Create New Jobs & Find The Capital You Need To Grow Consistently.

Our Nonprofit Organization Educates & Empowers…

Entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to drive change, who are not afraid to be leaders, who are ready to digitize their operations, and automate the manner in which they operate. We provide the education, training, and mentorship you need to accomplish your business goal, personal, and social or charitable goals.

We Enable Small Businesses To Have A Deeper Social Impact

One of the unique benefits of working with a nonprofit organization, as opposed to working strictly with a for-profit business that might be also be involved in serving small businesses is that you get to learn, understand, and fuse the concept of “social entrepreneurship” into your business. This is the philosophy that “doing good & making money” go hand-in-hand. 

Using this unique approach, we help small business owners expand their business and have a much deeper impact in their community.

We Help Small Businesses “Connect The Dots” 

We help small businesses find the right resources, from the right sources, at the right time. There are a plethora of resources and tools out there for small business owners – we can help you understand and learn how to unlock these opportunities.

In other words, we work with your business to identify the gaps, issues, and problems, and then help you find the businesses, individuals, or the tools, that can solve your obstacles.

As our nonprofit’s name suggests, We Empower Entrepreneurs! 

Book A Free Consultation Or Give Us A Call To Discuss Your Business Goals: (213) 924-3466

Grants To Support Your Small Business

Thanks to our sponsors and supports, we are able to provide a variety of grants to support the most compelling small businesses who are creating a deep impact in the community.

It’s free to apply – take a second to tell us about your social mission and discover whether our organization (or our partners & supporters) can fuel your social venture with educational, marketing or technology grants.


Join Us & Help Us Spread Our Mission

We are all in this together. We started this nonprofit organization with the goal of creating new jobs, new entrepreneurs, and new opportunities for experienced business owners.

We are looking for socially driven entrepreneurs, who’d like to work with us and enable us to help other small businesses and nonprofit organizations thrive. We are looking to empower you, so you can empower others.