We Are Entrepreneurs On A Mission To Empower You.

Entrepreneur Empowered Organization fuses the intellectual excellence, real-life experiences, and the technical knowledge possessed by some of the brightest minds in the world. 

We have united together to execute this educational and empowerment mission and bridge the gap that separates the wealthy population (20%) from the rest of the country (80%).  

We are the catalysts that can spark your inner creativity and help you ignite your entrepreneurial flame.

You Matter To Us.

You possess the skills, talents, and ideas that can make a true difference in your community.

We are here to help you find the key that can unlock your intellectual capabilities. 


Peter Peddinti

Real Estate Broker & Investor

Peter is on a mission to empower people on how to make smart real esatate decisons, and how to create generations wealth using real estate as a vehicle.

Pascal Ferrari

Digital Marketing Specialist

Pascal is on a mission to empower small business owners with digital marketing strategies that enable them to reach their business and financial goals.

Roger Berges

Website Wizard

Roger is on a mission to empower business owners with modern, cutting-edge, responsive sites, that enable them to sell their products and services 24/7.

Sid Peddinti

Attorney & Entrepreneur

Sid is on a mission to empower business owners and families with business and legal education and knowledge so they can make smart decisions all around.

Christian Martinez

Blockchain Investor

Christian is on a mission to ensure artists, musicians, and entertainers have access to the tools that can bring their art to life, and also protect it using blockchain.

Lauren Marie Evanow

Technology Inventor

Lauren is a technology wizard who has invested a variety of softeware and hardware products, and is a pioneer in the fusion of consciousness, and AI.


Hussain Ladi Saka

Branding Specialist

Ladi is on a mission to arm entrepreneurs with branding strategies that will help them not just stand apart, but also develop socially responsible practices to fuel growth.

Anuja Khandelwal

Fashion Expert

Anuja is a fashion and garment expert who has disrupted traditional markets that were dominated by men, and is on a mission to empower other women.

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