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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that educates and empowers entrepreneurs and business owners with practical business, legal & marketing strategies.

Welcome To Entrepreneur Empowered Organization.

We Are A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization That Helps Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Reach Their Next Level Of Growth & Impact.

We are a community of impact-driven business owners who believe that education is the key to change.

Join our community of talented, ambitious, driven business leaders who are ready to combine forces and change lives.


Gain Access To Knowledge, Strategies, Resources, And Experts Who Can Help You Propel Your Business Forward.

We Created This Nonprofit Organization To Help You Find The Answers You Are Looking For - Whether It's Business Strategy, Legal Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Technology, Scaling, Funding, Partnerships, Or Nonprofits.

Growth. Impact. Influence.™

To Us, These Concepts Go Hand-in-Hand.



A Community Where...

Passions Turn Into Lifelong Missions.

Doing Good & Making Money Go Hand-in-Hand.

You Walk Away With A Socially Responsible Business.

We Give You $5,000 In In-Kind Grants To Promote You.

You Get To Blend For-Profit & Nonprofit Missions Together.

You Get To Reach Your Next Level Of Growth, Impact & Influence.

Entrepreneurs Are Focused On Driving Change, Educating People & Changing Lives.