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We Help Small Business Owners Reach Their Destiny & Full Potential.

Welcome To Entrepreneur Empowered Organization.

We Are A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization That Helps Business Owners & Nonprofit Board Members Incorporate Growth Strategies That Are Specifically Designed To Increase Revenue & Cash-Flow.

Our Goal Is To Help You Succeed And Grow, So You Can Create New Jobs & Have A Greater Impact.

We Empower Small Businesses

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created with the mission of helping small businesses find the right resources and tools that can enable them to solve their most critical problems. These generally include: 

  • How to raise awareness about your business
  • How to advertise on social media and PPC
  • How to use technology to increase bottom-line
  • How to find and retain the right talent
  • How to raise capital and allocate resources effectively
  • How to create robust contracts and agreements

Our mission is to help small business owners, who are the backbone of our economy, with these different areas, so they are equipped with the resources and tools to ensure they are able to build long-lasting businesses.

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We Empower Nonprofit Organizations

As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we understand the complexities of raising grants and donations to ensure our overhead is covered and we have the revenue to operate our nonprofit successfully. We understand the issues nonprofit face and are committed to solving them. These include: 

  • How to raise awareness about your cause 
  • How to attract grants, donations, and local support
  • Finding and retaining the right talent
  • Cash-flow to ensure expenses are covered
  • How to market your nonprofit online
  • How to use technology to increase your impact

Our goal is to ensure nonprofit organizations are able to find the right tools, technologies, and grant programs that can help them accelerate forward immediately. 

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Our nonprofit’s focus is on your organization.

Our Mission Is To Help You Streamline Your Operations, Increase Your Revenue & Secure The Capital You Need To Grow Consistently.

Our Nonprofit Organization Works With…

New entrepreneurs, experienced business owners, innovators, creators, artists, musicians, professionals, specialists, subject-matter experts, coaches, consultants & problem-solvers.

Why We Created This Nonprofit Organization…

After working with thousands of business owners, our Board Members realized that most business owners and nonprofits organization do not have access to the right resources, tools, and strategic experts who can help them accelerate forward. 

Coming from a Bankruptcy & Restructuring background, our board members have seen good businesses going bankrupt because they did not have the right help, at the right time – that’s what our nonprofit intends to solve. 

We help small businesses and nonprofits in our community “connect the dots”. We are your “resource” center for all things related to your small business or nonprofit organization.

In other words, we find the right strategies, tools, and programs that can help small business owners and nonprofit board members solve their most difficult business challenges with more confidence.

This unique blend of business, legal, marketing, operations, and financial expertise is typically not available to for-profit business and even nonprofit ventures.

That’s the reason we created Entrepreneur Empowered Organization, a nonprofit that can directly support small businesses & nonprofits.

We Empower Entrepreneurs – New Entrepreneurs, Experienced Entreprenuers, Social Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Minority Entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs, Veteran Entrepreneurs & Even Part-Time Entrepreneurs. 

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